K2 Panoramic Split Package- 2017

This product is currently not available for purchase on our website.


The K2 Panoramic is back for another season of unhindered, untracked bliss. Grab this tried-and-true splitboard along with all of your other out-of-bounds essentials – the K2 Panoramic Package includes a universal Voilé hardware kit: 2 Voilé Slider Tracks, a full puck set and alignment guide, 2 Dual Climbing Heels with 55mm and 75mm climbing wires, 2 Voilé Slider Pins and t-nut inserts for attaching your bindings. Split hooks and tip clips are not included.
Features: All-Terrain Baseline™, Tweekend™, Z-Clip™ Skin Attachments, Directional Outline, 249mm Waist Width, Setback Stance - 3/4" (19mm)